Holly Carlisle

Life unfolds before us so rapidly - a series of defining moments and details. We want to tuck them away so that we can remember. Capturing these memories is Holly's passion. Beginning as a child with drawing and painting and continuing through her education as a fine artist, she has developed a keen eye for beauty in its many forms. A deeply intuitive and decisive person, her work is both delicate and truthful. 

From her background as a florist, Holly is aware that some photos require direction, styling and arrangement, while others are fluid and fleeting and truly need to be captured in the moment. She believes in the timeless beauty of film and works with a variety of cameras, both new and old, to capture the unique essence of each wedding.  

She has experience shooting both styled and documentary editorial work and has a particular interest in shooting flowers. Holly is great fit for clients who value the beauty of candid emotional moments and choreographed details, styled gracefully.

Photography is part of the way she experiences the world, and is something she shares with her husband. When traveling, a camera and a roll of film are never far away.